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Gluconic Acid lactone Conversion
Glucono delta-lactone (C6H10O6) is made when glucose is oxidized to gluconic acid or its salt, which undergoes purification, desalination, decolorization, concentration and crystallization. It is a multi-functional food additive. Delta-lactone is used as sour agent, preservative and antiseptic substance in the food industry.

1. Feed Liquid Condition


2. Production Process
After the fermentation broth has gone through the combined membrane treatment, sodium gluconate will enter continuous ion exchange system loaded with strongly acidic cation exchange resin. In the resin tank, sodium ions will exchange with hydrogen ions on the resin and the effluent is the product gluconic acid. The resin after exchange will enter into the regeneration zone as the system rotates. After regeneration by sulfuric acid, it re-enters the exchange zone through the transformed resin to continue to produce gluconic acid.

3. Operating Cost