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1. Hollow Fiber Membrane Separation Technology
Hollow fiber membrane separation technology is a separation technology widely used to separate, concentrate and purify solutions and gaseous materials. It uses thin membranes with permselectivity as the separation media. The membrane wall is filled with microporous pores. Under pressure, the original fluid will penetrate one side of the membrane, and the solvent and small solute will pass through the membrane wall and become percolate. On the other hand, solutes with large molecules are retained by the membrane, so as to achieve the purpose of separation and concentration of the substance.


2. Characteristics of Hollow Fiber Membrane Separation Equipment
1)The processed object has no phase changes, which can save energy consumption;
2)Low operating pressure and high separation efficiency;
3)Simple equipment, small floor area , easy to operate;
4)So small concentration polarization that can be ignored;
5)Relatively small investment and suitable for large-scale industrialization.


3. Main Application Fields
1)Purification and sterilization of all kinds of pure water and drinking water
2)Dehydrogenation of medical sterile water and water for injection
3)Concentration and purification of fruit juices
4)Turbidity removal and purification of wine and low-alcohol liquor
5)Separation and purification of biochemical fermentation broth
6)Separation and purification of blood products
7)Separation and purification of Chinese medicine extracts
8)Purification of industrial wastewater and domestic sewage