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Meaning of StarMen
Shi Da Mo is the Chinese transliteration of StarMem.

StarMem is composed of Star and Mem.

Star means shining stars that have boundless energy. Carrying this energy, StarMem continues to explore and forges ahead, aiming to be a brighter star in the industry. Mem is short for membrane, meaning separation membrane. The company is based on membrane separation technology, and constantly develops and optimizes the membrane application process, and provides more complete overall solutions with the advantages of self-developing continuous ion exchange and chromatographic separation technology. The cool color blue is used as the background to symbolize rigor. With strict and prudent attitude and efficient work efficiency, StarMem becomes a partner winning customer trust. Its shape and lines are deep and full, meaning harmony and happiness. StarMem employees care for each other, help each other at work, and contribute to the applications of membrane technology and continuous ion exchange and chromatographic separation technology.


Our Mission
We are committed to the promotion and development of membrane separation and continuous ion exchange/chromatographic separation technology, with the purpose of consistently maximizing value for customers.


Corporate purposes
Dedicating to innovation, committing to profession.

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