13 Years of Prosperity

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Company Overview

Mission and Purpose of Enterprise

Our Mission

Dedicated to membrane separation, continuous ion exchange / chromatographic
separation technology and industrial equipment development, continue to create maximum value for customers.

Corporate Purposes

The team is committed to innovation and professional standards.


Star Film: For Chinese translation of StarMem, SarMem is a combination of Star and Mem.

Star: It means a shining star, with glowing heat and unlimited energy. Shida film is constantly exploring this energy, making progress and making more brilliant stars in the industry. Mem is an abbreviation for Membrane, which means a separation membrane. The company is based on membrane separation technology, continuously develops and optimizes the membrane application process, and provides independent finishing solutions with independent separation and chromatographic separation technology.

The background color is marked by cool colors, which symbolizes rigor. With its rigorous and stable work attitude and efficient work efficiency, Star Film has become a reliable partner for customers.

The shape and lines are full and full, which means harmony and happiness. The employees of Shida Membrane care for each other and help each other to contribute to the light and heat of StarMem for the application of membrane technology and continuous separation and chromatographic separation technology.

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