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Star Film 2015 End Tooth Dinner2016-01-29


Turning to the Year of the Sheep, the Year of the Monkey, and entering the 2016, the Shida Film Tail Dinner was held on January 29, 2016 at the Lushan Hotel. At this time of the year, all members of the Shida film gathered together to greet the old and welcome the new. This tail event is divided into three parts: games, awards and dinners.

The dinner was kicked off in two exciting games, "Rabbit Game" and "Mask Painting". The "Bunny Game" is to learn to walk with the rabbit and eat every dish placed on the ground in front, the fastest win. "Masked painting" is blindfolded and draws the person in his heart. The two games are full of excitement and joy, everyone is actively involved, in the cheers, the game is over.

Shida Membrane is a warm family. In order to reward and motivate the staff's hard work and hard work, the 2015 Outstanding Staff Award and Outstanding Team Award were set up at the end of the dinner. The Technical Department and the Engineering Implementation Department won the Outstanding Team Award. The winners will be awarded and encourage everyone to make persistent efforts. Before the dinner began, General Manager Yan Zong made a speech, summed up 2015, and looked forward to 2016. In 2015, all sectors of the industry were in economic recession, but the company's film is constantly making profits. It is believed that the economic winter will soon pass and spring will always come. At the same time, Mr. Zhai, on behalf of everyone, thanked the colleagues who are still fighting outside.

Everyone toasted together and the dinner officially began. The whole scene was fun, the distance between the various departments and colleagues was pulled in, eating and drinking, enjoying the goodness of the night.

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