Hydrometallurgy Wastewater Zero Discharging

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Hydrometallurgy Wastewater Zero Discharging

Hydrometallurgy Wastewater Zero Discharging


1. Water Quality

The chloride ion content in the extraction wash water is 20-30g/L, and it is 3-4g/L under normal circumstances, which seriously exceed the emission standard.


2. Process Principle

The bipolar electrodialysis membrane combination recycling process is used. After treatment, there is less than or equal to 10mg/L of chloride ion content, less than or equal to 1mg/L of fluoride ion content and less than or equal to 1mg/L of calcium ion content in the reuse water.



3. Analysis of Operating Cost

Water inflow: 100m³/day

Working hours: 22 hours/day; 330 days/year

Water yield: 91m³/day

Annual water yield: 660,000 m³

Direct operating cost: 3,200,000 yuan/year

Unit processing costs: 4.8 yuan/m³


Typical applications